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Nurse Raisin's gift shop is OPEN!!

My gift shop is now open.

My gift shop is powered by CafePress a large international company hosting Gift Shops for independent cats like me. We are a real store, offering all the amenities big stores offer; customer service, easy returns and phone support and ordering. Most orders ship within 24 hours. You wont be able to speak with me though as I'll remain in the clinic with my patients.

When you click the "click to visit" button below you will be taken to my Gift Shop at CafePress. Please tell Mommy what you think and if we can add a product you want please let her know.


*******Tech support has notified us that to order more than one item, just click on the item in your cart and it will take you back to the page you just ordered from. Click on Nurse Raisin's gift shop at the top and you can choose another item. They are working on having a "Continue Shopping" button just like Amazon.

Click to visit